Go to bed to “something with potential to form”, wake up and its “Good morning Karen”! To be honest, storms don’t bother me much.  I think I have been fully prepared for two storms in my life, George and Katrina. Remembering back to Katrina, I was more inclined to be a bit more prepared than usual because I had little ones and stores opened or closed, doesn’t matter diapers still need to be had! Here is my question: Can you really be prepared for a storm?

Now I don’t just mean a weather event, a STORM.  This can be a life event as well.  Think about it for a minute. Using a weather event as an example. There are lists of suggested things you should stock up on. And those things you will use if power is out for any extensive length of time. I am thinking about the things not on the list. Can you actually be prepared for anything life throws at you 100%? Nope. Sorry you really just can’t. At some point you will get hit with a curve ball you didn’t plan for. What do you do then?
 I think first and foremost you have to keep a positive outlook. One that says, you know, that you know, that you know, you will weather this storm. Wake up daily knowing that something amazing is going to happen! Be grateful for even the smallest gifts. Once a day, out loud, say what you are grateful for from that day. We try to do this at dinner nightly. We go around the table and each person has a turn.  The answers aren’t always grand, some are thankful the weather was cooler, other thankful their hair isn’t greasy so they can just shower (yes as you guessed it was a child!). Point is that attitude of gratitude forces you to look at things differently.  You slowly begin to see more positive around you. Then more positive things start happening!
Before losing weight I saw myself as fat…just plain fat. Oh I knew how I got there and I knew it had to go. I just had other life things overwhelming me on top of that. One day I decided to change my stinking thinking. Now I see the angels God sends, I praise before the blessing, I expect good things to happen. I began to see myself for my worth, not what the world says I am worth. More precious than diamonds and rubies…created in the image of God.  As my perception of myself changed I began to notice my clothes were bigger. Crazy right!? I did have the habit of wearing bigger clothes to hide the bigger me (just made me look double the size by the way). Now I had motivation to change my eating even more.
This same principle can be applied to every area of your life.  When negative people come your way, look for something positive in them.  Everyone, yes EVERYONE, has a positive…find it..especially if you are around that person daily.  You will find that your positive attitude towards them just might help them in the long run.
The waters may get rough, you may feel the waves are crashing over you but don’t be afraid! Even the Titanic sank due to human error, so keep your head together, keep an positive outlook and weather the storm.  One day you will look back and be grateful for every wave that knocked you down because it found you on better shores when you got up!

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