Help Wanted!

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Skinny Body Care is a fast growing company! In January the company will be sponsoring a television show on Lifetime TV! The cost to join the company is minimal!

Here is the Skinny (pun completely intended!)

for the cost of ONE bottle of Skinny Fiber a month ($66 with shipping) and a $10 fee to become a distributor, you get all the websites and support you need to sell the product! As a bonus, when you listen to your first training call you will receive $8 back! So for $68 you can start your own business!! You must purchase at least 1 bottle of product a month to retain your distributorship. My sales pay for my bottle!!

Now lets get real here, you do have to promote yourself and your product.  Purchasing one bottle a month gives you a bottle to take yourself! You will be amazed at how great you will look and feel and your friends and family will notice!

Come join our Skinny Body Care Family! It is truly a family! We support each other in business and in life! I wish my love for this company could come through here but you have to experience it to believe it!

Take a moment to watch this brief movie that will give you more info:

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I would love to tell you more!!


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