HOLY HOT PANTS!! Had to Share!



Christine is getting those pounds and inches OFF!! Doesn’t she look amazing! Here is her story!

It’s been approximately 7 weeks since I started my incredible journey. Beginning with such doubts that any “diet” company told the truth. I saw ll the testimonials and thought ‘I don’t even know those people’ and ‘all companies have them and so what!’ But now I’m adding my before and after, or I should say ‘during’ because I ain’t done cooking yet!! LOL My husband took my picture this morning about a half hour ago and to date I have lost 22 pounds and several inches everywhere! I feel vibrant again! I am 57 years young now, with emphasis on the “YOUNG”!! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will do. I did not do anything special with diet or exercise other then what I was already doing, which wasn’t much or consistent. My body hurt so bad before that I’d give up any workout I tried. Things feel different now so I pulled my Total Gym out this morning and will start to include a daily routine with it. 
My husband has been taking SF too, started the same day as me, but he won’t let me post any photos of him. He’s shy! LOL I can tell you he looks fantastic! We both want to start using the Ageless now! So I’m ordering this morning. 
I never thought I would believe in a product so much as I do Skinny Body Care. It is nothing less than amazing. I became a distributor because I want to tell the world that they will make a difference in their lives and feel better by simply taking a couple capsules with a large glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. So simple anyone can do it!! This is my journey and I’m proud to share. I hope I can influence everyone to take the challenge.


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