Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery


That is how great Skinny Fiber is! Yes our product is being copied…sigh. So I thought I would share with you how to tell the difference! First if you order the product the site you order from should look like somewhat like this:

Go take a peek, I will wait! The front name may be different, each rep gets about 16 different web pages to promote their product, they all look similar but have different layouts and info on each.  Notice the name on the link OnOurWeighToHealth, that is MY distributorship. Other distributors will have their distributorship name in that spot.

Here are some other examples to look at:


Please notice the capsules are different and the bottles have differences.  Skinny Body Care has recently switched facilities where our product is made.  SO if you purchase from a rep and not from Amazon or Ebay I promise you are still getting the real deal! They just may look a bit different from the last bottle you received. The differences shown here are between the FAKE and the REAL product.

Look for a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee. Skinny Body Care offers this to every customer who purchases from the distributor site.  IF you happen to purchase a fake product off of other sites, you will not be offered this from SBC. You will be stuck with a product that does not work, contains who knows what, and you are out of money.  So not worth saving a few dollars!

So, when looking to try this AMAZING (I can’t emphasize the AMAZING enough) product please be sure to order from a Skinny FIber distributor ONLY! We have about 7000 reps world wide willing to support you on your journey to health! Your personal rep can plug you into their fantastic groups where you can get cheered on and motivated to lose those pounds and inches!!

Don’t risk it! Contact a reputable distributor today! If you don’t have one or don’t know one I would love to help you reach your goal! I have a few ways for you to connect with me:


here you can follow me, friend me, message me!

Facebook Group:

No Facebook No problem, drop me an email at

Make sure you are getting the REAL DEAL, because only the REAL DEAL works!!

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