These are My Favorite Testimonies!



My Friend Lisa…

Just sent me this WOW….Ok I have to share this, my Sister Audrey Clunas she was skeptical as well about Skinny Fiber, until she saw me in PERSON and seen all the testimonies that have posted, well she just got it and has been on it a week started last Sunday. Her story is: A year ago she had an accident and had major knee surgery and ended up with a blood clot, went from a totally active life to being stuck in a wheelchair for 3 months, basically she had to learn to walk all over again. She is still not back to work because her knee is swollen and hurts so bad. Her knee is still messed up. Since she started Skinny fiber, the swelling is gone down quite considerably, she put on a pair of jeans she has NOT been able to wear for a year due to all the swelling. The pain is still there. She still has some major issues with her knee and will probably have to have surgery again, BUT for the swelling to be going away IS AWESOME and just think this in ONLY BEEN A WEEK SHE IS SO AMAZED BY SKINNY FIBER AND IS SO HAPPY SHE ORDERED We are both in TEARS right now. Skinny Fiber works not only for weight loss but for overall health too. She has more energy and FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!



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