This is Why I Do What I Do! Stories Like This One

good checkup


Skinny Fiber is changing lives!!!! Here is what Mindy had to say….
I was diagnosed 17 years ago with high blood pressure, at that time it was 212/113 (thank goodness for my boss Rick van Sickle making me go to the Dr.) I have been on 2 types of BP med since then. My BP range has been 132/90 – 140/101 ish. I have had my meds changed a couple times to keep it under control. You all that know me, know that I am not overweight to contribute to my BP.
I went for my normal Dr. BP check and thought I was going to be in big trouble, because when I started taking Skinny Fiber in January I went off of one of my meds. NOPE! not in trouble. My BP WAS LOWER than it has been in 17 years!!!… 125/82..! I showed my Dr. the Skinny Fiber , the label and all of the information on it. She said ‘keep doing what you’re doing I have no problem with it, it is obviously helping!’

***An amazing added benefit to taking Skinny Fiber…. no more night sweats or hot flashes!!***

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