Amy!! I am So Proud of YOU!



I am half way in to my 3rd bottle now and I just got my hubby to take this picture tonight. I am so thrilled with how my clothes fit (or don’t fit) and how I am feeling. I NEVER feel hungry!! I started at 230 lbs and am now down to 209! Finally I found something to help me reach my goals. I have PCOS so it has always been a struggle to lose weight. I know I am a bit of a slower lose, but I just so thrilled that I am heading in the direction I am going! I didn’t know if I could ever succeed with this, considering how much I could eat to feel satisfied. I had such a sweet tooth around 11pm, I could sit and eat a whole row of Oreo cookies and a glass of milk or a couple donuts. Now I don’t even have cravings for sweets! I have been pre-diabetic basically since my daughter was born almost 3 years ago. I also had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with her. After 3 weeks taking Skinny Fiber I went for a blood test to get a bunch of tests done. I was so excited when the Dr. called me and let me know that all my numbers were perfect! I was shocked, I said “even my blood sugars?” She said “Yes”. Not only am I losing weight, I am feeling great! My energy has increased A LOT!! I am no longer content to sit around all the time. Also the dark circles around my eyes are disappearing. I feel so much healthier!! I am so thrilled with Skinny Fiber and what it has done for my health. Not just me, but my whole family is eating healthier and getting into it. I love seeing how much my children are learning through this process of clean eating. I feel so blessed to have found Skinny Fiber! I am so excited to see my before and after pic once I reach my goal, but in the meantime am really enjoying every step along the way! I would encourage anybody struggling with their weight, looking for a natural product that will rid your body of toxins and help you with your portions, to try Skinny Fiber!! With the 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and your life back to gain!! Get started on your journey to great health!!

order it!!!


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