It’s A Family Affair



I never ever EVER get tired of getting Tam-Tam’s updates about her and her family– they are all using SKinny Fiber and WOW!!! What a wonderful, wonderful gift when your family is all on the same page with their health!!!

Thanks Tam Tam for sharing your beautiful FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

This is my family and our story (in a nutshell lol, the long version would be too long )

The furry one on the left is our dog Gizmo, her Birthday is September 11th, she just turned 8 (she does NOT take Skinny Fiber lol)

Next to Gizmo is our 21 (almost 22) year old son, Andrew. He has always been slim and doesn’t take skinny Fiber either, but since the rest of us are, he HAS been making better food choices and getting healthier!

Then it’s Me… I’ve battled my weight since I’ve had Andrew when I was 17. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and spent SOOO much money on weight loss products, some worked but I gained the weight back as soon as I went off them. I’ve been sick for the past few years, had my thyroid removed, had no vitamin D in my body, was on TONS of different meds and just kept gaining, I started Skinny Fiber May 6, 2013 at my heaviest ever, 256 lbs! My health has improved so much! I’m off steroids, depression meds, and a few others I was on for various reasons. I am now at 224 lbs and in size 14 pants and large shirts! (Down from 1-2XL and size 18-20)

Next it’s my wonderful hubby, Cordell! He started skinny Fiber in July after seeing the amazing results and health benefits Me and our son Adam were getting! He suffered from constant headaches, no energy, insomnia and SEVERE heartburn. After his first 2 weeks the headaches were pretty much gone, he started sleeping through the night, had way more energy and rarely gets heartburn! He has lost 15 lbs and went from size 38 down to a size 34 in pants and from 1-2XL in shirts to a large!

Last, but definitely not least, is our youngest son Adam, he’s 19 (almost 20) I asked Adam when I got my June skinny Fiber shipment if he would like to take it with me to help me remember and to keep me motivated? He said sure! Well look at him now! I am SOOOO proud! He’s gone from a 42-44 waist down to a 38! And from a 2-3 XL shirt into a 1XL! He feels great, has a lot of energy and NEVER let’s us forget to take our Skinny Fiber!

The orange kitty was our cat Stimpy Bon-Roe, he was born in May 2011, he passed away on June 5th 2013 due to a kidney stone and complications ..

Don’t wait! Order YOURS NOW!!!



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