Mom’s Who Can Relate Raise Your Hand!



Well, I am so proud to say that Skinny Fiber works! I have always been the petite type of woman. I have two children now, ages 2 and 1 and I was pregnant consecutively with only 2 months in between them. Not only was I pregnant back-to-back, but I also had both of them via C-section. So, you can imagine what my body went through! My legs and ankles became so swollen in my first pregnancy, walking became difficult with my second pregnancy (along with other very uncomfortable pains of attempting to exercise during pregnancy), AND I had gestational diabetes with BOTH of my pregnancies. I began to not consider exercise a priority during those two years because of the difficulties I had physically.

Once I had my children, I realized my clothing sizes were going up. I lost all of the pregnancy weight; however, my body was shaped differently, my stomach was different, waistline was bigger, and I knew it was not healthy for me overall. I started making proactive measures toward my eating habits, but I was continuously relying on Red Bull Zero and Coffee for energy. I never got the energy I needed from Red Bull except when I first drank it in that hour.

My husband came across this weight management pill called Skinny Fiber. I never bought a scale in my entire life (until recently) and I never even considered any type of weight loss pill before in my entire life. When I first heard about Skinny Fiber, it just “went through one ear and out the other” until my husband says, “Look, it’s all natural!” So, the “natural” part caught my attention and there was also a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. I figured what do I got to lose? Oh, yea, the weight, Lol. I lost 13 pounds on my own before I came across Skinny Fiber.

I bought a scale, and realized I needed to stop looking at numbers repeatedly after my initial weigh-in, so I left it alone. I went back to the scale on my 30th day of actively taking Skinny Fiber and drinking water and I weighed myself FOUR times to see if my scale was accurate, lol! It was definitely accurate, and I lost 13 pounds in 30 days and I taped myself again and I lost THREE inches around my hips! I was wondering why my jeans were getting so loose and now I had to shop for new bras as well! I was so excited I had to share this with my mom! I just do not know how else to express the joy I felt. I also have more energy than I ever did before, I do not drink Red Bull anymore, and I cut down my coffee to one cup a day (I just love coffee though). I have been more proactive in exercising, starting out slow at my own pace, participating in challenges and drinking more lemon water. I love it!

I have now taken Skinny Fiber for 4 months and lost a total of 25 pounds while taking Skinny Fiber (and 38 pounds total weight loss all together) and now I am in a size 6 jeans and lost a total of 5 inches around my hips and 3 inches around my waist (measurements were taken on Day 1 of Skinny Fiber and so forth). So, for anyone out there that thinks this is another gimmick, well it’s not and it really works! Seriously, thank you Skinny Fiber!


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