Happy Birthday!

saints 47 yearsHappy 47th Birthday to our New Orleans Saints! In forty-seven years we have gone from this:

tulane stadium Tulane Stadium!  In 1974 we moved to this…

superdomeAt the time the Superdome was considered one of the Wonders of the World!  The stadium was beautiful and modern, but the diehard fans of the Saints looked like this…

aintsWe cursed the team, coached from the couch (who am I kidding we still do that) we were the New Orleans Aint’s, but we loved to hate them! Then one year we had HOPE!! A PLAYOFF GAME!!

playoffFans poured into the Dome, me included!! So exciting to be at the first playoff game the team had ever been to! Shame the team didn’t come! YIKES, sad loss…love them anyway, maybe next year! But wait, something awful happened….

katirnadomeKatrina…sigh…so sad to see what this storm did to our city. Not just storm wise, it has changed the dynamics of the town…but I digress, this is about FOOTBALL!! Look at our teams home! Smack at the end of August at that…season starting…we can’t not have football!  So look, a new head coach (personally I think they hired him for the ladies of the city….isn’t he handsome?!)

paytonIt gets better! He hired THIS GUY…

drewbreesAnother cutie pie…oh football..sorry…THE BEST quarterback ever!  The BEST TEAM LEADER…EVER!! Finally we had a team to be proud of!! By then we needed some cheering up and boy did these guys take us to a new level! We were so happy….and now looked like this…

nobagfansAS if it couldn’t get any better than this! Man or team was on FIRE!! Our spirits have been lifted! Nothing brings a town together like football! Things were going so good that we won one of these:

torphyI have tears in my eyes with pride as I type this. I can’t even begin to put into words what this trophy stood for in our city! Fireworks, cheers, screaming, you name it! That was just on our street!!  Fans migrated in minutes from all over the area to the French Quarter to show the love and celebrate and soon the streets looked like this:

bourabonAhhh, hope! But alas, all stories need a bad guy so here is where the grinch comes in.

asshomeMomma always taught me if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all….Just this..if Katrina, category 5 storm didn’t stop us. Do you really think some dork who wants to make the NFL flag football gonna stop us!? HECK NO! This describes him:

We may not have taken the trophy yet…but we have taken everything you have thrown at us. We are overcomers of adversity like no other.  Our fans are diehards who don’t give up even if it means wearing bags on our heads. One thing is for sure, we will…

champion squartCheer from here….and

tropyBRING THIS HOME AGAIN!!! In case you haven’t figured out, Saints fans are like no others! You can’t stop us and making us mad ignites our passion further!

Happy Birthday to the Black and Gold!!! NOLA LOVES YOU GUYS!!! Now go show the grinch that Bounty is just to wipe his tears as he hands Payton the gold!!







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