Maryanne! Rocking that Weight Loss After Only Three Months!



Hi, I’m Maryanne
Wow, 3 months have gone by so quickly. I have had so many improvements since starting my Skinny Fiber journey that I’m not sure where to start. After a week or so of detox I began getting more energy, sleeping better and quickly lost my first couple of kilos, along with my appetite. Things slowed down from there but each week I saw small decreases in my weight and measurements, my hair getting stronger and thicker, my fingernails became stronger; my clothes were all fitting me properly or getting baggy. I mostly ate the same as everyone else in the house, went on holidays, still had evenings and lunches out with my friends. I didn’t drink fizzy drinks and drank lots of water. If I felt I had over indulged at all, I would lower my carb intake for a couple of days til I was back on track. I did some exercising but not consistently, walking and some weight sessions.
My main goal was for slow, sustainable weight loss and I’m so happy with my results. I have lost 49cm/19.3in from chest, waist, hips and thighs and down a total of 7kg/15.4Ib.


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