No Diet? No Exercise?



My entire life has been spent around family members that would do anything to stay thin . That being said, I have been on every diet known to man from junior high through adulthood. Lose, gain, lose, gain. I really never had problems losing weight until the last 12 months, when I started putting on weight even though I didn’tfeel like I had changed anything in my routine. Within 6-8 months, I gained over 20 pounds and my attempts to get the weight off just resulted in adding more pounds. I was convinced that either my hormones or thyroid were out of whack or I had a large tumor growing inside. All lab work was normal but I still couldn’t lose a pound. I finally broke down and went to the diet clinic and got on prescription diet pills- that had always worked great until the last time I tried them. This time I started tracking my food and exercising at least 3 times a week. I lost 10 pounds pretty fast but knew I couldn’t do this forever. I hated the jittery feeling and rapid heart rate that it caused. And the weight always came back after I stopped taking it. I found a weight loss support group on facebook and started following, seeing tons of other people sharing their stories. I probably watched from the shadows for 3-4 months until I got the nerve to order. I was at my wits end and couldn’t stand myself. I became so sold on Skinny Fiber that I became a distributor when I ordered my first bottle and waited anxiously to get started. I just completed my first 30 days and am still in love with this product! It is by far the easiest “diet” I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to see where it will take me. I stopped tracking my food and only walked/exercised maybe 3-4 times over the 30 days so I could see if the ” no special diet, no exercise” claim was true. I am happy to say, IT WORKED FOR ME! So far I’ve lost 12.5 inches and 4 pounds in my first 30 days. I will add my walking/exercise and food tracking back in now and think it will boost my results even more. I am soooo thankful I found this awesome product and can’t wait to see what my results are in the months to come.

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