Robyn Took Control of Her Health and Body!



I am a 58 year old who over the years put on so much weight that I become diabetic and started to have some other health issues…all my life I have been skinny but hit menopause and BANG…I have diabetes Irritable Bowel Syndrome High Blood pressure
High Cholesterol Arthritis and a few other things…It was costing me $180 a month for all my medication…but the big crunch came when my doctor did some tests and told me my kidneys were shutting down all because of my diabetes….I didn’t even feel sick…it was found in a routine test that they do.
So after trying so many diet pills and things like weight watchers jenny craig shakes, if it was invented I tried it!!! And all with absolutely no luck.
I did some research and found skinny fiber ( after watching people lose weight and tell their stories for months and months)…The product claimed to help with cravings and hunger…well here I am….NO DIABETES NO HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CHOLESTEROL NORMAL NO IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME..I also suffered a serious back injury in that time and could not walk for 8 weeks.I am struggling with depression at the moment so have not lost anymore weight since december but now on medication so just watch for the new me soon slowly getting back to what i was in december.Still getting used to the anti depression medication.


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