Ever feel like maybe you are taking on too much? I know this feeling today! I managed to catch myself before it got too far.  Anyone can only do so much and be effective at all of it.

Take a moment and think about your schedule. Is there family time involved? Time for yourself? As moms, I think there are times we tend to overload ourselves with so much. After school activities, work, housework, time with our spouse/significant other, time with kids, homework….WOW! Many are involved in outside activities on top of this! The gym, Bible Studies, church functions. Are we really meant to be so busy all the time?

I think there are times we just need to slow down, take a deep breath and budget our time like we do our finances. The goal in budgeting is not to over spend, right? So, why do we overspend our time?  Don’t you think it is OKAY to have downtime? I can say, in my opinion, it is detrimental to your mental health that you DO!

Where can you cut yourself some slack today?




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