Cathie!! Way To Go!!


OK everyone….this is very hard for me to do because I still have a ways to go but I wanted to show my group the real me!

I have always been overweight….more so as my first marriage was failing. I had tried every diet/shake/pill going with some success but after stopping, the weight would always find its way back! When I finally left my first husband, my weight dropped to about 115lbs….people were asking me if I was sick I was so thin. THEN, I met my current husband, became really happy so I started to gain some of my weight back…..then more…..then more… get the picture! Then one day I was on facebook and saw someone selling Skinny Fiber and I thought….here I go again! I watched her site for about 2 months before deciding to order. Hindsight it was the best decision wishing I had ordered when I first saw her site!!!! I started taking Skinny Fiber on Aug 6th and weighed in at 158lbs and today 90 days later I weigh 150.5 lbs and have lost a total of 17 inches!!! My IBS is non-existent, hot flashes drastically reduced, I sleep better at night, I finally have fingernails lol and I feel happier and healthier! Who would have thought that I could give up potato chips and other junk food, but with SF I no longer have the cravings. I love this product so much that I am now a distributor!!!

We go south for the winter and we are planning on joining the gym when we arrive, plus we have our bicycles. So looking forward to the next 90 days!

Are YOU ready to get started???


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