Why Am I Not Losing Weight?


When starting to drink lots of water some people retain water weight which may last from a few days to a few weeks depending on the person especially if they weren’t a big water drinker before. Or, they may be doing the opposite and not drinking enough water and therefore the product isn’t working as well. Also, if they are eating a lot of salty foods, it makes water weight gain worse.

And remember to take 2 capsules no less than 30 minutes and no more than 60 minutes before your 2 biggest meals of the day. Drink a lot of water and just limit the processed carbs (pastas, white flour products, sugars, oh…and sodas, even diet!)!! You will be amazed.. Try to stop eating before you are full— with SF it expands in the stomach and causes you to eat less so do not overeat…. might get a tummy ache!

Those wanting faster and better results should drink 100+ oz of water each day (6-8, 16 oz bottles)–flavored if you want to with something with no calories, the more the better!!

Also to anyone that says they feel hungry when they take it it is because you are not getting enough water. Dehydration causes the false sense of hunger. Plus the more you drink the more the Glucomannan in Skinny Fiber expands to increase fullness.

Some lose very fast!!! Some lose slower. Some diet and exercise and some do not! SF first starts working on the issues that are slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss–You may even gain a few pounds the first week or so— but this is a natural detox process!!!!! It takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle.

Also, ditch the scale!! The scale has no clue to how fit and trim you are becoming! It doesn’t just weigh fat. It weighs muscle, bone, water, internal organs and all. When you lose “weight,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve lost fat. In fact, the scale has no way of telling you what you’ve lost (or gained). Losing muscle is nothing to celebrate. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns, even when you’re just sitting around. That’s one reason why a fit, active person is able to eat considerably more food than the dieter who is unwittingly destroying muscle tissue. So when you only lose 2 or 3 pounds every week or so be happy because you know in fact you are losing fat and not the precious muscle you need to continue to burn fat!!YOU WILL LOSE INCHES BEFORE WEIGHT!

Just dont give up!! How long did it take to gain the weight? It happened over time. Stay positive!!

How bad do you want to get healthy??GIVE IT 90 DAYS!!!!



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