Amazing!! What are You Waiting for??

Mel I LOVE GETTING THESE UPDATES! This is Mel and her story!!!

Hooray!! here we go…..(this is my picture from May 16-July 26)..I have tried everything over the years from weight watchers, metamucil and other fiber supplements to prescription weight loss meds, to many many weight loss supplements like green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, raspberry keytones and the list goes on. If Dr Oz mentioned it, I probably tried it lol., I watched all the amazing testimonials for 3 months on facebook and did my own research, found Dr Oz spoke about glucomannan which is the main ingredient in skinny fiber. Consulted my doctor whom told me skinny fiber was natural and safe to take so I wouldn’t get the racing heart, shaky feeling that I had with some other weight loss medications my dr prescribed over the years. I have been overweight since having my first child, gaining 87 lbs with pregnancy. I remember when he turned 10 saying ” omgosh I’ve been fat for a decade”… well, he just turned 13 in July 2013 and……still NOT where I want to be. However, I started Skinny Fiber May 16th 2013 and so far am happy to see results. I take 2 SF twice a day with 16-24 ounces of water and I make sure I drink at least 100 ounces a day. I do run/walk a few times a week but the most I have noticed with taking skinny fiber is my night snacking is gone and my cravings….My weakness has always been ice cream and chocolate…I have noticed that I take a bite and I’m satisfied…the other evening I had an ice cream and I couldn’t even eat it…it seems so sweet:). So I will continue with skinny fiber and get to where I want to be. I have gone from a 16 should have been 18 to a 12 so far, down 33.8 lbs and many inches. I’m glad I got past being skeptical and ordered. The last supplement I tried was $450 a month… I was happy to find skinny fiber a lot cheaper at $60 or less a month.



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