Love Longer…..

love longer


I woke up this morning to open my Facebook and find out a high school friend has gone home to be with the Lord.  My heart is sad. We shouldn’t lose our friends at our age. We aren’t old yet! This isn’t the first lost our little school family has endured.  For some reason we have lost a few over the years. Great folks who touched lives in one way or another. Its like God is reminding us of something. We don’t have to like the lesson, but we need to learn from it.

With so much anger and hate in the world today, I believe we need to HUG HARDER…LAUGH LOUDER…SMILE BIGGER…LOVE LONGER! Let people know when they touch your life.  I wish I could tell my friend today that he planted the seeds that grew into my love for Christ when I was much older.  I wish I could tell him he made  a difference all those years ago.  I wish I could tell him that those seeds are the reason I will see him again and spend eternity worshiping our Lord with him.  Years and life took over and we lost touch, now the message will have to wait. 

My message to you is DON’T WAIT. Tell those who impact your life today that they are making a difference. Tell them what they mean to you.  Treat them as though today is the last time you will ever see them. Don’t wait. We are not promised tomorrow! We aren’t even promised the next five minutes. Nothing is a guarantee.  Let go of the who is right and who is wrong mentality. What is right is that we LOVE those around us.  We don’t always have to agree on things, we can agree to disagree and still LOVE. 

Today as you go about the world, show kindness, compassion, smile, help someone in need, be selfless, reach out to the hurting. One random act of kindness can change someones life forever. Don’t waste another minute being spiteful and angry. Go love someone today, you can make a difference!

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