After battling an odd break out of hives for most of my husbands life, we finally found the culprit. You guessed it, Fluoride! Yep, you know the stuff well.  Its in almost all brands of toothpaste, water sources, food sources ect..Nice right?! Now try having an allergy to it.  We live in Louisiana and are blessed that our area DOES NOT add fluoride to the water system, however “across the pond” in New Orleans and Jefferson it IS added to the water supply. Now lets get this in perspective. This means traveling to other areas he can drink NOTHING. No fountain drinks, no tea, no water, nothing. Now realize that food is cooked in water, so there goes eating anything as well. This makes life a challenge. Did you know that most unknown source rashes are fluoride reactions? Did you know that many folks are diagnosed with contact dermatitis actually have an allergy to fluoride?

Did you know fluoride is toxic? 5 – 10 grams can kill a human.  Now I know this is a lot, but lets think for a moment.  How many times a day do you ingest it? Wake up, coffee/tea made with tap water, brush your teeth, eat fruit washed in water, and so on.  Ever notice your toothpaste has a do not swallow warning?  This is so you don’t overdose on fluoride! So, how many times a day do you ingest this poison?

Fluoride is associated with gastrointestinal upset at doses 15 to 20 times LOWER than the lethal dose, and we wonder why everyone has tummy issues? To much fluoride contributes to bone loss and fractures of the hips and wrists.  It is known to cause irritable-bowel symptoms and joint pain. It can cause kidney damage.  It lowers your iodine absorption, contributing to thyroid issues. Studies have show it decreases IQ scores. Chronic joint pain, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, infertility have ALL been linked to fluoride.  Now think again about how much you ingest a day!

One has to wonder, all of these ailments are chronic  in our country! Fluoride is something almost impossible to avoid. We have to work very hard around here to keep it out of our home. Now this is not always a bad problem to have. Soda purchases are null and void, can’t be sure what area they were bottled in. One plus is that my hubby takes Skinny Fiber daily and it contains amylase, which is a digestive enzyme, but also a natural antihistamine. So IF he happens to ingest something he shouldn’t it keeps hives at bay. We still strive to keep it out of our home at all costs.



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