Cranberries and Kidney/UTI Infections



~~~Cranberries and Kidney/UTI Infections~~~

Cranberries have a major role in the treatment of kidney/urinary tract infections. This tiny, red, sour, american fruit, can greatly reduce the use of antibiotics.

Must be 100% juice, NOT “cocktail” which has added sugar. Works better and faster than any antibiotic I have ever used for a UTI!

Professor Teri Kamesano from the polytechnic institutes in the state of Massachusetts, in the forefront of a scientific research team found that the cranberry changes the composition of the Esherihija Colli bacteria. This bacteria is the most common cause of inflammation of the urinary tract, especially in women. Under the influence of cranberry E. coli bacteria loses its ability to grip with the kidney and urinary tract, thereby reducing its pathogenic properties.

Treatment or preventative use~
Cranberry can be used as a tea, dried snack, but is most often used as a juice. Acts in small quantities, so it is enough just one glass of juice (pure 100% cranberry juice) a day in order to achieve a therapeutic effect.
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