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OK, so here is my 1st 90 Day Challenge update! Sorry, but I have A LOT to say so this is long! I started Skinny Fiber the first week in September. I was sluggish, depressed, overweight and suffered from High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism, Anxiety, Degenerative Disk Disease, Migraines, Chronic Pain, pre-Diabetes and Fibromyalgia and was on medication for all of it except the depression and pre-Diabetes! I stalked Sherry for a while before even asking a question because I thought it would be like everything else I tried and would just be a waste of money. I asked if it actually worked for people with Hypothyroidism and she was honest with me and let me know that some people that have it lose slower, but they do lose so I decided to give it a try. I took my picture (wow, there’s an eye opener ) and my measurements and started my journey. After a few days I noticed I wasn’t drinking as much coffee and I was actually CRAVING water…to know me is to know I would say “pfft, I drink LOTS of water, its the main ingredient in coffee, right?” after about a week I noticed I was waking up refreshed and had more energy! Next I noticed my Anxiety had disappeared…talked to the doctor, one med gone! I was to the point of having Migraine’s a couple times a week and after a couple weeks I noticed I hadn’t had one of those either…now its been about 9 weeks so there is another med gone! My Fibromyalgia is under control so when I went to the doctor on November 20th, I lost 3 more meds, Cymbalta and Lyrica (Dangerous meds on the liver) and my thyroid is in the normal range. Plus my Blood Pressure was 121/83, a far cry from 182/121. Am I pain free? No, but my pain is tolerable 98% of the time now In my first 90 days I lost 18 pounds and 31 overall inches! I went from a size 18 pants to a 14 and from a 1x top to extra large. I still have the 2 pain meds which I will keep on hand for the 2% of the time I need it but this girl is SKINNY FIBER FOR LIFE! Like so many before me, I do have that one regret and it is that I didn’t start sooner! If you have read this far…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? All I am saving on the cost of my prescriptions alone is well worth it to me!
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