amazing tips

1. soften rough feet- For the softest feet you’ve ever experienced, try the before bed routine: rub down your feet with vegetable oil , then put on your socks. when you wake up the oil will be gone and your feet will be amazingly soft!

2. deodorize your freezer- add a shallow bowl of freshly ground coffee, uncovered, to your freezer. leave for a few days and any funky freezer odors will be gone!

3. glass dishes- to remove baked on stains from glass casserole dishes, fill it with water and add two tablets of alka seltzer or denture cleaner. leave for an hour and the stains will be gone!

4.removing ink stains- make a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice, and dab at the stain. let it sit for five minutes , then clean with a damp cloth.

5. scuff remover- to remove scuff marks left on your floor by dark-soled shoes, rub some baking soda into the spot with a wet rag. they will disappear!

6.shower caps in the kitchen- plastic wrap is perfect for covering bowls of rising dough, but if you leave the room for too long the dough will push the wrap right out leaving it open and susceptible to germs. solve this problem by switching out to a plastic shower cap. the elastic will fit perfectly over your bowl, and it will stretch just enough to allow expansion.

7. makin bacon- always rinse bacon under cold water before frying– it will reduce the amount the bacon shrinks when cooked.

8. mirror makeover- for a unique cleaner for the mirrors around your home, use aerosol air freshener. it will bring your mirrors to a glossy shine and will have people wondering where that flowery scent is coming from!

9. easy toilet bowel cleaner- for a cheap and easy way to clean your toilet, use mouthwash. just pour 1 capful into bowl, leave for 15 minutes and wipe clean with the toilet brush!

10. shiny counter-tops- for a scratch free cleaner that will make your counter-tops sparkle, apply club soda with a moist sponge.

11. lampshade lifter- dust your lampshades using a fabric softener sheet and their static fighting properties will keep the shades cleaner for longer.

12. remove old stickers or labels- to remove the gummy remains of label or sticker on glass or a mirror cover it in mayonnaise and let sit for 5 minutes, then scrape away.

13.get rid of greasy fingerprints- believe it or not, a good way to get rid of those pesky greasy fingerprints on walls is to rub the area with a piece of white bread.

14. ceramic tile- the easiest way to clean ceramic tile is with rubbing alcohol.

15. scratch eraser- for tiny scratches in your wooden table or floor, rub vegetable oil or canola oil into the surface. the oil will darken the area and help it to blend in.

16. keep milk fresh- keep your milk lasting longer by adding a pinch of salt to it after opening!

17. hangover? rub honey on crackers and eat!! IT will help replenish what your body has lost!

18. keep dandruff away- crush a couple aspirin and add them to your normal shampoo. just make sure to let the shampoo sit on your hair for 1-2 minutes before washing out.

19. make perfume last longer- before putting on your favorite perfume rub a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin, it will help keep the fragrance from fading!

20. quickly ripen tomatoes- to bring already picked tomatoes from green to red, place them in a closed paper bag with an apple.
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