Become Empowered!



See these women? They are all with Skinny Body Care. They are all members of my team. They are all also my friends!

Our team, Heart & Soul, is the biggest team in SBC! We don’t compete with one another. We build each other up and help everyone on our team succeed in this business! It’s not about sales. It’s about friendships, support, encouragement, and relationships. It’s a big family. And we treat our customers the same way. Many of us, in fact, a majority of us started out as customers. Because the products are so awesome and the support is so strong, many customers decide to become distributors. I was one of those people.

This is the best home based business I have ever been a part of. It is the last business I will ever do. And it is amazing! My wish for everyone in 2014 is for you too to find that freedom and security!

You will get to know these ladies over the course of 13 weeks starting January 22nd on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act. In the mean time, take a look at Skinny Fiber, our signature product. And check out the business opportunity while you’re at it! Become empowered!


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