This is Daphane….


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I have struggled with my weight all my life. About 15 years ago I was up to 325 pounds and after trying every diet that was ever invented, I had gastric bypass surgery and got down to 175 but over the next few years as I was able to eat more I gained weight. I have weighed somewhere in the 200-220 range up until recently. I decided I was going to get the weight off. I lost a good amount of weight but just could not seem to get past 194. I started taking Skinny Fiber for an extra boost when I was at 194 and I am still in disbelief!

Every time I walk by the mirror I am shocked and still having a hard time believing that REALLY IS ME! I have never ever seen me this small!! My 14’s are getting too big. What!? The last time I was in a 14 I was laying on the bed and doing the crazy zipper shovel and that was only for about a week years ago. Here is the last pic that I took. I am down to 164 (for the first time in my life) and I have put forth minimal effort. I have to remind myself to eat now. What?! No way! It’s unbelievable! I am TOTALLY SKINNY FIBER 4 LIFE, baby!! Even when I get down to my goal weight (140) I still plan on taking it at half dose because of all the health benefits that I am getting. I don’t NEED coffee in the morning before I can function anymore, my digestive issues that I have had for 15 plus years are gone, my crazy cravings are minimal now for the first time EVER, my nails are stronger, my energy levels are up (in a healthy way not a jittery way.)


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