Clean and Freshen the Dishwasher!!

clean dishwasher
We want the dishwasher to clean our dishes…SO….Clean and freshen the dishwasher itself too…. it can do a better job. Here’s how:

1) Remove the bottom rack and look for ‘lost’ items, hard items and ‘chunks’ in the bottom and around the mechanisms.
Check the screen.
2) Put a cup of vinegar on the top shelf
Run a cycle – hot water of course
3) Sprinkle about a cup of baking soda over the bottom of the dishwasher
Run through a short cycle

That’s it! Cleaned and freshened up, your dishwasher will look better, smell better and do a better job.

**Note: If you really want to go at it with gusto, you can take the mechanism apart and clean it in the sink with vinegar before you run the first cycle
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