Stripping (dirty) Wax Build up

stripping floors


It happens….maybe you’ve moved into a new home and you realize that maybe, just maybe, the brown floor isn’t brown at all!!
Years of dirty wax build up are hiding the REAL flooring from you.
Don’t just rip it out and replace a perfectly good floor, strip the wax and see what treasure is hiding underneath it.

What you need:

A stiff scrub brush or floor scrubber
(I am lucky enough to have an old one from my grandmother’s era)

Make sure you have adequate ventilation.
Work in small sections of approximately 3 – 5 foot squares
Pour the ammonia directly on, and give it a scrub to spread the liquid.
Wait 2-3 minutes, and start scrubbing.. The ammonia removes the wax leaving you with gunk you can mop up. You can add water to the area if you need to thin the gunk out a bit

Rinse with vinegar water.
Be shocked and amazed (ok, and disgusted) at the difference and move on to the next section.

When you have it all nicely clean, you can apply a light coat of floor finish to protect the flooring.
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