Say yes to BUTTER and no to margarine, please!

butter vs margarine

You might find this of interest…

Turkeys were once fattened with margarine as a test. People who paid to do this research demanded to get their money back when it killed the turkeys. As a result, they came together to figure out how to get use out of margarine to turn money back to themselves from what they had invested.

Margarine was originally white and had nothing appealing to it. This is when they added the yellow coloring. Then they sold it to the people as a substitute for butter. What do you think of it? Now they have a variety of types of margarines.


Calories are about the same for both butter and margarine. With a little more saturated fats, butter has about 8 grams, where margarine has about 5 grams of saturated fats.

Did you know that your chances of having heart disease is higher by eating margarine? That’s correct. It was found that women had a higher increase of 53% more than the women that ate butter in same quantity, according the Harvard Medical Studies.

We have had butter for centuries. Margarine with just less than 100 years.

That was about butter. Now how about some facts about margarine….

Their Trans Fatty Acids are very high. Remember the increased risk of heart disease? Margarine actually will increase your risk of coronary heart disease 3 times the amount of butter.

We know that LDL means bad cholesterol and HDL means good cholesterol. By eating margarine you raise the total cholesterol and LDL. It also lowers the HDL cholesterol.

Your chances of getting cancers are up to 5 times the amount as if you had eaten butter.

Margarine decreases your immune responses, decreases the insulin responses and ARE YOU SITTING DOWN??? Margarine is only one molecule away from being PLASTIC!!! Talk about nasty! Oh and it also shares nearly 30 ingredients of paint! NASTY…

Do you know what hydrogenated means? It is where hydrogen has been added and that causes a change in the molecular structure of the product it is being put into.

Try performing a simple test with a tub of margarine…. Leave the lid off of the tub in your garage or any area that is shaded. In a matter of just a few short days, you will see a few things happen:

– You have no flies of any sort that will touch it. hmmmm interesting now isn’t it?

– The margarine doesn’t rot or have a change in smell. This is because of the fact it has no nutritional value to it. Therefore, nothing will grow on it, like mold.

Again, the reason is because of it being an almost plastic product, not food product. Ever thought of melting your plastic bowls and lids to smear on a piece of toast? That is almost what you have there.

I have given you lots to think about, haven’t I? Now, will you choose butter over margarine? It does cost more. However, isn’t it worth it in the long run? For those of you that is lactose intolerant, butter will not work for you due to being a dairy product.

Now go forth and butter up ALL your friends and share this information with them. Let’s make changes in the way we view butter and margarine from here on out!

Photo Credit: Lorinda F. of SBC
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