Ways To Use A Bundt Pan

ways to use a bundt pan


(Photo by Lorinda Fleming)

* You can use it to roast a chicken in it. Take the chicken and place it over the center cone, stuffing cone in the cavity.

* Catch kernels from a cob. Place stalk end of corn on the cob into the hole of cone. Cut corn down and watch it fall into the pan.

* How about those old pans you don’t know what to do with and yet don’t want to toss them out? Plant in it! This would make a cute cactus garden or something that doesn’t need holes to drain. Or you can drill holes for drainage if you prefer. This would make an adorable gift to give to someone sick or recovering from a hospital stay.

* You can make gelatin in silicone molds for those jello salads. You might be able to get away with this in your non-stick metal pans.

* Make your bundt pan into a cute ‘basket’ for gift giving. I would think a homemade cake or bread mix would be perfect to accompany this gift!

* Looking for something fun for dinner? Why not cook meatloaf in it? Take mashed potatoes and put in the center when you plate the meatloaf. Pour your gravy over and it will have a volcano effect.

* Use it for a centerpiece to show off those cute floating candles with some flowers.

* Make a cute ice ring for those special parties. Put water in it and add flowers or berries. Put juice in it and add citrus slices or mint leaves. You will have a beautiful floating wreath for any occasion.

* Why not make it to serve chips and dip in it? The center hole will need to be big enough to hold something small enough to put the dip in it. Or you could always use two bundt pans, one for chips and one for dip.

* Have you ever tried using your bundt pan to make a cute cone shaped pastry crust? Yes, that is right. Instead of putting into a pie pan, put into your bundt pan. Now how cute would that pastry be?!
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