Common Substitutions for American Recipe Ingredients

american subs


This one is for all of my followers and friends outside of the United States! I realize that we have different names for some of the ingredients we put in our recipes and a few of you have asked me what the substitute would be for them in your countries. I hope this list is helpful and enables you to enjoy the recipes I post!

all-purpose flour = plain flour
andouille sausage = smoked sausage
baking soda = bicarbonate of soda
bouillon granules = stock cube
cilantro = fresh coriander
confectioners’ sugar = icing sugar
frozen whipped topping = long-life whipped UHT cream
corn syrup = golden syrup
cornstarch = cornflour
egg substitute = egg white
eggplant = aubergine
fava beans = broad beans
frosting = icing
garbanzo beans = chickpeas
graham cracker = digestive biscuit
granulated sugar = caster sugar
great Northern beans = cannellini beans
green onions = spring onions
ground beef (ground lamb, turkey, pork) = minced beef (minced lamb, turkey, pork)
half and half = single cream
ham steaks = gammon steaks
heavy cream = whipping cream
instant pudding mix = whipped dessert mix
Jell-O® gelatin = jelly
jelly = jam
lasagna noodles = lasagne sheets
molasses = treacle
non-fat milk = skimmed milk
oatmeal = porridge
pie crust = pastry crust
pizza crust = pizza base
pork tenderloin = pork fillet
potato chips = potato crisps
reduced fat milk = semi-skimmed milk
semisweet chocolate = dark chocolate
shortening (e.g., Crisco®) = butter or margarine, or vegetable fat spread (e.g., Stork®)
snow peas = mangetout
tomato paste = tomato puree
whole wheat flour = wholemeal flour
zucchini = courgette
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