Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the Skinny Body Fiber pill work?
Yes, we have people of various body types and sizes that are using the product and get great results. People are eating less and enjoying how they feel. I have more energy without feeling jittery like on other products, and I don’t get sleepy in the afternoons like I used to. My blood pressure has lowered.

2. Do I get a website?
Yes, you get 15 FREE websites in English to share Skinny Fiber with others, plus several other languages. There is no additional cost to you. You just continue to purchase 1 bottle of Skinny Fiber or Ageless each month and that keeps you active.

3. How do we get paid for people that join Skinny Body Care?
There are 8 different ways you will be paid.

4. Will I be trained on how to build my business?
Online Training is offered everyday to all Distributors. The top leaders also share all tools, tips, and marketing material to help you with being successful. Also you will be added to a group of distributors on Facebook who will help you every step of the way, you will make lifelong friends and love what you’re doing!

5. How often are Distributors Paid?
Weekly AND Monthly.

6. Do I have to book parties or keep an inventory?
NO! NO inventory! NO parties! NO out of pocket expenses other than the $10 to join and buying 1 bottle a month for your own use (or to resell)!

As I said before, I am super excited about this opportunity and looking to help as many people reach their goals as I can! So come and JOIN us.

If you decide to join, I will add you to our Facebook group of distributors, who will help you every step of the way to build your business big!!!

Let me know if I can help answer anymore questions…I am so determined to help as many people reach their goals as possible….

Your Future is NOW. Welcome to the Future!!!

Watch the free video here to learn more and join my team!!!


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