TV Show Info!

Ok friends! Here is the clip from this weeks show! SBC will be back on the show next Wednesday with some other great friends of mine telling of their great success! Its so awesome to me to see the friends I talk to daily on there sharing our excitement for us!
The tv show will give you a web address to order. THIS IS NOT MY SITE! If you would like to order from me personally (I hope you do! I would love to walk this exciting journey with you and be here to cheer you on personally!) and become my client please use THIS LINK to order:

Would you like to make money from home? There is no commitment and minimal (like when I say minimal I mean $10.00 extra over the purchase of your bottle minimal AND I can tell you how to get $8 of that back!) to sign up to be on my team! I will offer you all the tools you need to be successful! Join my team and lets change the world together one healthy body at a time! Message me and I can tell you how to get in on this life changing business!  Jenn Abadie Scioneaux1

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