Glycemic Index



The GI is a measure of how quickly blood glucose levels (blood sugar) rise after eating a certain food. The effects different foods have on these levels vary considerably. The GI estimates how much each gram of available carbohydrates (total carbohydrate minus fiber) in a food raises a person’s blood sugar following consumption of the food, compared to the consumption of pure glucose. Glucose has a GI of 100. The Glycemic Load of a food takes into account the amount of carbohydrate actually consumed. It is factored in by multiplying the GI of the food in question by the carbohydrate contend of the actual serving.
While the GI can only be used as a guide, it is a great tool to use when choosing what to eat. Realizing that each body is different, foods can vary depending on cooking, ripeness, processing ect. is a must. For example a potato can range from a moderate GI to a very high GI depending on the variety.
A Low GI would have a number of 55 or less, Medium 56-69 and High 70 and above. Remember, pure glucose has the highest value of 100, so the higher the number the closer to the same reaction as eating pure glucose you are.

There are things you can do to naturally help lower the GI of foods. One is the presence of fat or soluble dietary fiber. Did you read that?! SOLUBLE FIBER!!!
That’s right ladies and gentleman, yet another reason I love Skinny Fiber! The presence of this fiber can slow the rate your body empties your belly, thus lowering the GI of that food by slowing the rate the sugars spike after eating! Now you can supplement with something 100% natural that can help your body regulate sugar spikes! Not only that, it will help you stop craving sugars as well.

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3 thoughts on “Glycemic Index

  1. Nice article. Many people still don’t understand soluble fiber for weight control and to slow digestion to control blood glucose.

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