God’s Cookies


Proverbs 20:24 says, “Since the Lord is directing our steps, don’t try to figure out everything that happens along the way.” Trust in Him.
“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy path. ” Proverbs 3:6

Why is this so difficult? TRUST, man, what a word. I really never considered myself a control freak, until one day making cookies with my nine year old. It was then the nasty realization hit me.

See I make Toll House cookies every so often around here. We all love them and I do them a bit different so they come out big, fluffy and chewy. I use a specific wooden spoon, called “the cookie spoon” and hand mix everything.  I use a specific scoop to put my dough just in the right spots on the sheet pan to bake and have been known to be very upset the few times they have come out different. See the problem here?

So when my precious Princess wanted to bake cookies and only have me supervise, was when the reality hit me.  Her cookies would (and did) come out just fantastic, but letting her DO all by herself without putting my hands in the mix was the hardest thing I have ever done. Smack in the middle of cookie making came such great conviction.

It hit me, I can have the faith of a mustard seed, but mountains can’t move if I don’t get out of the way.  Four hands in the mix makes a mess of things and I need to get out of God’s way.  Now, realizing and DOING, wow two completely different things!

First, I had to stop blaming and start forgiving. Yes, you read that right. BLAMING, blaming those who have wronged my family. We have had a couple of personal hits in this area over the past few years. Hurts that run deeper than an ocean.  Recognizing that those folks are just human, no matter their status in the world, they need prayer just like everyone else. Matter of fact their status in the world makes them need my prayers more then anything else.  They are imperfect, just like me. They put their hands in the mix when it doesn’t belong, just like me.

Second, I have to truly give it all to God.  Our business, our home, our family, our lives. All of it. Realizing that NONE of it belongs to me anyway. It all belongs to God. His promises are plainly stated and I need to trust that He keeps those promises! I need to give that control of the mix back to the baker and keep my hands out. I need to allow Him to do the adding of the right ingredients. Allow Him to bake at the right temperature. Allow Him to cool  the cookies that are my life and trust that His cooking methods are better than mine.

So I will continue to give that control to The One who has our best interest at heart. Who loves us unconditionally, even when we try to stick our hands in the mix.

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