Fluff Pops

fluff pops


(Photo & Recipe by Lorinda Fleming)

Melting Chocolates, white or milk or both
Pop Sticks
Toppings: crushed pretzels, peppermint candies, graham crackers, decorating candies, etc.
Candy Flavoring, optional

Put toppings into shallow dishes and have ready to coat after chocolate has been applied.

Gently poke sticks into one end of marshmallows, avoiding going all the way through.

Melt chocolates in microwave for about 1 min. Stir and heat additional 20 secs until almost fully melted. Remove and continue stirring to melt the remaining pieces.

Dip marshmallows into chocolate to cover all sides. Quickly roll into your desired toppings.

Stand on end with sticks in the up position on waxed paper. Allow to fully cool and set before removing.

Place in wrappers to store in refrigerator. These make perfect birthday party treats!

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