Banana Crunch Cake

banana crunch cake


1 boxed yellow cake mix of your choice (I used Pillsbury Golden Yellow}
and ingredients.. according to cake box.
2 boxes of Banana cream Pudding mix
1 cup of Crushed Nilla Wafer cookies
2 banana sliced
4 Cups of milk
1 tbs Confectioners sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup Heavy Cream

Make Yellow cake mix as directed on box in a 13×9 greased pan..
let Cake cool
Take a wooden spoon and make holes all over cake to the bottom.
Mix together Banana Pudding and milk and pour over Cake..allowing pudding to go into poked holes.. and let chill until pudding is thick.
For Homemade whipped cream: (you may use cool whip)
1 cup heavy cream mixed with 1 tbs confectioners sugar and Vanilla extract.. Mix with mixer until fluffy and frost cake .. Chill for a bit
when ready to serve add crushed Nilla wafers to the top and sliced banana.

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