Baked Tacos

baked tacos


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You’ll need 1 package (10) tortillas
Steam your tortillas…
Place your tortillas on a microwave-safe plate, cover with a wet paper towel and microwave for 1 minute

Bake your tortillas…
Preheat oven to 375 F
Spray each side of tortilla with some cooking spray
Drape each tortilla over 2 bars on your oven rack
Bake for 7-10 minutes or until lightly browned and crispy
Remove and set aside

Taco filling…

You will need>>
1 1/2 lbs extra lean ground beef
1 can mixed beans (did not have refried… This is my change)
1 onion, chopped ( I added this)
1/2 t oil
1- 1 1/2 c herb spaghetti sauce (original recipe calls for plain old tomato sauce)
1 1/2 T homemade taco seasoning ( original recipe states 1 packet)
Shredded cheese… As much or as little as you like

Optional toppings… Green onions, lettuce, sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, salsa… Anything you like but the more you add… The more calories you may be adding! I added 1 T of the plain Greek yogurt to my plate and used it for dipping.

Drizzle oil into pot
Rinse and drain your can of beans… Add to pot
Add the onion
Fry for 5-8 minutes then mash and set aside

Brown the beef, drain off oil
Add the bean mix and taco seasoning, stir till well- blended
Add sauce and stir… Don’t add too much sauce… You don’t want the bottoms of your tacos soggy

Lightly grease your casserole dish
Scoop filling into tacos and place in casserole
Top with cheese
Bake 10 minutes at 375 F



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