My Shopping Box

my shopping box


Here is a great recycling project!!
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Jenn Abadie Scioneaux
SHARE this great idea! Finally something to do with the cases for the movies the kids lose!!

(By Pam)
Old DVD Case
Duct tape
Scrap piece of material for pocket
5×7 greeting card (or cardboard from a cereal box)
Got glue or thick double sided tape
Credit card size calculator
2 medium binder clips
Paper – I used pages from a 5×7 note book but you can use your greeting card as a template to cut paper you have on hand.
Paper for under plastic cover if label is missing. I used the original label.

1. Cut paper using your greeting card as a template and place under the clips where the booklet previously went.
2. Cut your piece of material large enough to fold edges around to the back of the greeting card. Use the duct tape to tape the edges of your material to the back of the greeting card.
3. Hot glue or use thick double sided tape to attach your card to the DVD side of the case.
4. Put a dot of hot glue on each corner of the back of your calculator and glue to card.toward the inner side. where I have it on the outer side the clip is in the way and it pops open.
5. Add pen and coupons to pocket.
6. I used the original DVD label and just flipped it over or you can cut out your own. Decorate your label and replace under clear plastic.
7. Attach Binder Clips to center of front and back of case attaching to clear plastic and label. Use these to attach to the shopping cart seat. Your box will be secure and hand free. Use your locked in purse (see tips) to prop it up.
1. Write your total down when taking time to do comparisons, or talk to someone, so that if your calculator automatically shuts off you know where you were saving you the time and aggravation of re-adding it.
2. Add a small tape dispenser next to your calculator that has individually tape pieces or carry tape with you and tape your coupon to the item. This saves you time at the cash register because you don’t have to go back through your coupons and the clerk can easily see them.
3. Put the safety buckle strap through your purse strap to secure your purse to the cart. Not only will it hold your shopping box at an angle it prevent anyone from grabbing your purse in the store. They would end up with the whole cart. Chances are the will let it go rather than take the whole cart.
4. When making your shopping list add a ‘C’ next to the items you have a coupon for.


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