Great Expectations



Expectations……boy what a word. False Expectations really do cause us so much turmoil. How we perceive things will work out in our minds is rarely the outcome. The result of that is disappointment and heartache. Why do we continually do that to ourselves? I believe its part of our selfish nature. You know they selfish nature we all have inside us. That part of us that plans out events without adding the dose of reality or the dash of other people that will take part of that event. Or the part of us that expects perfection in an imperfect world. The vast majority of our disappointments in life come from these expectations.
Now don’t get expectations confused with dreams or aspirations. Those are entirely topics of their own. Today the world is more confusing than ever. Society has expectations set to entirely new levels. God doesn’t have to judge anymore…the Society has taken that job from Him. Words are watched, don’t DARE say the wrong thing, we don’t accidentally want to offend anyone with them. Society assumes your word meaning for you and will attack if you innocently slip with something not acceptable. Don’t let your actions be too good…..or too bad….that pendulum swings far and wide, easier to just pray you are on the right swing at the time.
Perfection is key today…where did that come from? Everyone must be perfect in all areas. Not just a “society perfect” but folks expect those around them to live up to perfect standards they set. UNREALISTIC perfect standards.
Here is the cold hard truth, NO ONE IS PERFECT! NO ONE CAN MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS! Want a harder truth? This one might hurt a bit…the statement above…the NO ONE part….that includes YOU! I know that stinks to find out, but once you accept that reality life goes much easier. It is easy to judge others for their actions, mistakes ect….but the key is that instead of bashing them lift them up! Build them up and love them anyway.
We all fall short, we all are sinners, we all have broken parts. Its funny to me that we are told by the world to accept EVERYONE even if their beliefs don’t’ align with ours. ACCEPT EVERYONE even if we don’t agree with their actions, but never once to they say FORGIVE their mistakes, know that they aren’t perfect, expect them to fall and be there to pick them up. If they don’t fall then great! If they do, that is when they need your love more than anytime in their life. Reality is one day you will be the one on the per-verbal floor and YOU will need someone to pick you up and love you anyway, because you aren’t perfect either.
Be blessed this Beautiful Saturday my friends. Go love each other with no expectations, flaws and all. Flaws are what makes life beautiful, without them we do not grow and learn and blossom. Flaws are like rain, love is like fertilizer and JESUS is tie that holds us upright while we grow.

Jenn Abadie Scioneaux
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