Just say NO…TO IT ALL….

no to it all

Ever sit back and look at the diet plans out there? Low Carb, no sugar, low fat, blah blah blah. Every cuts something out. Everything blames some other item for our weight and health issues. Have we ever stopped to examine where blame should lie? Could it be that instead of one donut we ate six? WAIT, there is a study that the combination of ingredients in said donut (or any other snack we tend to overeat) makes it impossible for your brain to let you eat just one! Ok so we get to BLAME the makers of those products I guess. Or instead of having a Cola at dinner out that one time this week you drank a case on Monday, no must be the Cola companies fault for making it taste so good. Here is my point. Anything is bad in massive amounts. ANYTHING, it can be from water, which you can actually overdose on, to chocolate and so on! So why is it that we rely on science to “find the reason we can’t stop eating” whatever? Perhaps that reason is that we don’t have self control. Perhaps we are exhausted because we have become such a fast paced busy society that we no longer get enough sleep. Perhaps we have body aches from the processing our food undergoes before it hits the grocery shelves. Perhaps we are putting blame on innocent items that our forefathers ate as well with little issue. Perhaps we have become comfortable living within parameters set by standards based on scientific studies because it is easier and quicker than learning what OUR bodies need. Takes the thinking out of things if we just have a set list of “BAD” items, but some days I feel like its taking the life out of life. Making life more mundane and complicated then it ever has to be. Perhaps we should just go back to not stressing so much over all of it and just learn to eat when hungry, stop when full, slow down in life and stop to smell the roses. After all, stress causes cortisol to raise, which causes belly fat, thus stress causes belly fat, thus we need to cut stress….makes sense right?
Cut some stress today, go watch the sunset, have dinner with a friend, or take a bubble bath! Enjoy life, its to short not to!

Jenn Abadie Scioneaux

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